About Us

Prevention is Better than Cure

Kick COVID-19 Community Corps is a network of highly trusted and well-established local government, social service, community, religious, and neighborhood organizations and leaders deeply connected to the region’s most vulnerable populations, including communities of color, elderly, low-income, non-native English-speaking, uninsured/underinsured, homebound, homeless, undocumented, and those lacking access to information and technology.

Our Goals

  • Reduce vaccine hesitancy
  • Address historical-based skepticism and other concerns among communities of color
  • Increase awareness, dispel misinformation, debunk conspiracies
  • Reinforce safety and efficacy
  • Support the continued need to wear masks, socially distance, wash hands
  • Remove vaccine access barriers for minority, elderly, and vulnerable populations
  • Help to eliminate health inequities/disparities for minority, elderly, disenfranchised, and other vulnerable populations
  • Empower residents with information to make best decision – ideally motivating them take vaccine
  • Communicate how, when, where residents can get vaccinated
  • Mobilize healthy residents to partake in community service efforts
  • Engage trusted community leaders to deliver culturally competent messages in target communities by leveraging shared cultural characteristics (i.e., religion, language, ethnicity, etc.)
  • Align efforts with national public education campaigns to support evolving needs and address new challenges